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Virat Kohli Favorite Food

Virat Kohli is an Indian Cricketer everyone knows him all around the world. Virat Kohli is a big foodie but at the same time, he keeps himself fit. He is one of the fittest cricketers of the Indian Cricket team. As a well-known food enthusiast, Virat Kohli favorite food is Chole Bhature. He recently gained notoriety when a video of him giggling at the food on Day 2 of the second test match between India and Australia went viral. Many people on the Internet conjectured that Kohli was energized by his favorite food, chole bhature. Rahul Dravid, the head coach of India, clarified that it was a chole kulche in the post-game interview. 

Catch me spill the beans on cuisine, clothes, and more on Ep 2!” Virat Kohli wrote this on his Instagram. The first inquiry Kohli receives concerns the weird dish he has ever eaten. “I guess the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was some sort of insect. Somewhere. In Malaysia, I believe. by oversight. I was unsure of what it was. I just had it, and I loathed it because it was fried,” adds Kohli. The interviewer then inquires as to the one food item he will never consume. One thing I would never eat, Kohli responds. Karela, I’m a vegetarian now. I abhor Karelas. 

What is the Favourite food of Virat Kohli?

In an interview, Virat Kohli once said that his favorite food is Chole Bhature. Chole Bhature is his all-time favorite food. He also added that as he is a Punjabi so he also loves to eat Rajma Chaval. The Punjabi-born and -raised Delhi-based cricket player Virat Kohli can’t resist the seduction of delectable Indian food. Rajma chawal and chole bhature are among his favorite foods, which is hardly surprising. Also one of his favorite dishes is his mother’s handmade mutton biryani and Butter Chicken from Delhi. Virat loves eating desi and home-cooked food since it makes him feel at ease and home amid cravings. He does, however, love Japanese cuisine on occasion. He’d feast himself on sushi and dim sum, in that order. Finally, the athlete learns how to control his appetite and eat a good diet to stay in shape and perform well on the field.

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What is the Diet plan of Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli’s name must always come to mind while discussing fitness in the world of cricket. Global fitness icon Virat Kohli is well-known throughout the world. On social media, most of the videos are of his gym. Among Indian cricket players, Virat Kohli also initiated the fitness craze. The cricket squad from India is now regarded as the world’s fittest team. Virat Kohli maintains his physical fitness by adhering to a rigorous diet and working out for hours in the gym. Virat Kohli eats a vegan diet in addition to this to maintain his attention and physical fitness.

Let’s talk about the foods Virat Kohli eats, his diet, and how he stays so fit today.

Virat once said in an interview that he is very particular about his food and diet. He does not eat any kind of food daily that harms his body. Virat only eats steamed foods, 90% of his foods are steamed with no masala. He enjoys eating his no-masala food daily. He also added that he eats dal and doesn’t consume curry. Let’s take a look at his diet chart and what he eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For Breakfast

Virat eats bread omelet and boiled eggs for his breakfast. He also eats spinach and paneer salad for breakfast.

For Lunch

Virat eats nuts, brown bread, and sweets for his lunch. He takes his protein shake for lunch.

For Dinner

He eats roti, dal, and green vegetables at night.

For hydrating himself, he drinks black water which costs around 4000 per litre.

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What does Virat eat after exercise?

Virat eats protein shakes, soya milk, and paneer. He consumes only those foods that stays him fit.

Which Chole Bhature Virat loves to eat?

Chole Bhature from Rama Chole Bhature

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