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Top 10 Famous Foods in Delhi

Prepare to be satiated by some incredibly delicious treats from Delhi, the nation’s capital. Since you may not be a native of Delhi, you may choose to sample the amazing variety of traditional Delhii cuisine. Rest assured that you won’t feel excluded. We have covered some of the most well-known dishes from Delhi, with an amazing variety that will tantalize your teeth and make you queasy. So without further ado, let’s explore the diversity of cuisine found in this melting pot of ethnicities and civilizations. Here are a few rankings of the top 10 famous foods in Delhi.

Here is the list of famous foods in Delhi

  1. Chaat
  2. Chole Bhature
  3. Parathas
  4. Butter Chicken
  5. Kebab
  6. Nihari
  7. Biryani
  8. Aloo Ke Kulche And Chole
  9. Rolls
  10. Pav Bhaji


It would be hard to discuss Delhi’s renowned cuisine under the top 10 famous foods in Delhi without including the irresistibly tasty chaats! In addition to the complex flavors of traditional cuisine, Delhi’s best and most well-liked street food is chaat. Indeed, Delhi’s Chandni Chowk is the epicenter of street cuisine. Delhi offers a wide range of flavors that will please both your palate and your soul.

Not just Haldiram or Bikanerwala, but several people living on the street have prospered solely because of the delicious street cuisine they provide. Without a doubt, chaat is the most well-known street cuisine in Delhi, so you should eat it when you’re there, but where? Well, some well-known spots to try are Bittu Tikki Wala in Karol Bagh, Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala in Chandni Chowk, UPSC building on Shahjahan Road, and Daulat Ki Chaat in Chandni Chowk.

famous food Chaat


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Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is ranked well on the list of top 10 famous foods in Delhi which are distinctive! Chole Bhature is another well-liked traditional Punjabi dish in Delhi. Delhi still has its uniqueness, even though you can find it anywhere these days. This is a wonderful, rich dish that is characterized by the peppery and tangy taste of chickpeas prepared in online tomato gravy and ball-shaped all-purpose flour puri. This well-known Delhi cuisine is served at a lot of places in the capital. Chole Bhature is thus an additional option to try.


Talking about the top 10 famous foods in Delhi, the majority of families make Paranthas to start the day well. This dish, which is popular street cuisine in Delhi and is often consumed as a late-night snack, is ideal for ravenous college students. In Delhi, paranthas are the most popular dish. They come in a range of flavors, from plain to packed vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Famous Food Parathas

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Butter Chicken

Known as butter chicken, this hot chicken dish with gravy is among the top 10 famous foods in Delhi that must be tried. It is among Delhi residents’ favorite chicken meals. Butter chicken can be found in upscale dining establishments as well as neighborhood Dhabas. In the 1950s, Moti Mahal Restaurant created the dish. You must have plain rice or naan to go with this dish to enjoy it.

Famous Food Butter Chicken


When it comes to traditional Delhii cuisine, kebabs are among the best possibilities. In Delhi, kebabs provide a traditional experience. Kebabs are a staple of Delhi’s traditional cuisine, appearing in everything from gourmet restaurants to food carts. This well-liked Delhii traditional dish is produced by grilling fish or meat chunks that have been marinated in flavorful Indian spices, creating a scent that tantalizes the senses. Therefore, it has a position in the top 10 famous foods in Delhi, and we think that if you’re a foodie and you’re not vegetarian, you should try Kebab from both nice restaurants and food stands.

Famous Food Kebab


A specialty of the region, the Nihari is best enjoyed with tandoori roti. Among the top 10 famous foods in Delhi, Nihari is presented as the best for non-vegetarians. Meat is slow-cooked and spiced with Indian flavors. This dish was once served by royal households, but it is now available on Delhi’s streets.

It is quite delicious. You can’t help but notice the fragrance of Nihari, the local specialty, as you enter Old Delhi’s winding streets. This nourishing dish is a favorite among those who want to start their day off right. It was once the royal feast, but over time it diffused among the populace and is now served everywhere. People of various races and cultures gallop this spicy, slow-cooked beef, which is eaten with Tandoori or Khameeri Roti.

Famou Food Nihari


Another delicious rice dish that is available in Delhi is called biryani; it is a Mughal specialty. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of Biryani available, but the taste of meat-based rice infused with Indian spices will provide you with the experience of a lifetime. The list of the top 10 famous foods in Delhi is incomplete without it.

Famous Food Biryani

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Aloo Ke Kulche And Chole

What are you waiting for if you haven’t experienced this delicious Aloo Kulcha and Chole while you’re in Delhi? You will want more after tasting this Delicious traditional dish, even if its savory flavor may make you cry. Though it will taste amazing, you can find people selling it in tiny stores. Put everything else aside and indulge in Delhi’s signature dish, Aloo Kulcha and Chole, served with zesty pickles and lassi if you’d like. Get a chance to have this from the top 10 famous foods in Delhi!


Although the iconic food of Kolkata is the kathakali roll, Delhi offers a wide range of rolls in many variations. It is a well-known street dish, comes from the top 10 famous foods in Delhi, and is also served in well-known eateries. This meal is delicious, readily available to Delhiites, and ideal for eating on the run.


When discussing Delhi’s well-known cuisine, it would be a mistake to overlook this perennial favorite treat. There’s no denying that Delhi and its residents love rolls. Rolls with egg, mutton, paneer, or veggie fillings are widely available in Delhi. There are undoubtedly a lot of well-known eateries and food outlets in Delhi that specialize in creating specialty rolls with a wide variety of filling options.

Pav Bhaji

People in Delhi adore a platter of traditional Pav Bhaji. This is the best specialty food and is a popular choice among the top 10 famous foods in Delhi. It is a spicy, buttery treat. You may probably find a Pav Bhaji seller anywhere in Delhi, from the chic pavements of upscale south Delhi to the historic “galis” of old Delhi. This delicious dish is a favorite among many people. It is topped with creamy butter and decorated with freshly cut onions and cilantro leaves. Pav Bhaji is a street food staple, but it’s also a gourmet dish that’s typically made at home. Any well-known location in Delhi and the National Capital Region offers some of the best preparations.


Thus, tasting these top 10 famous foods in Delhi gives mesmerizing experience in your life. Although these top 10 famous foods in Delhi might have different items from the above list, the above-furnished cuisines are known to build Delhi for foodies.



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