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Bihar Famous Food: a celebration of spices and flavors

Bihar is one of the most popular states in India. One of the most famous foods of Bihar is Litti Chokha which is famous across the world. In Bihar, there is lots of famous food that you read here.

According to many, the best street dishes in the world are those from India. They cook in ghee and oil and are mouthwateringly wonderful. In addition to helping people fill their tummies, street dish also boosts the tourism industry by drawing more visitors to a location. These ready-to-eat snacks are served by street sellers in various locations throughout cities. Bihar, a state steeped in history, is renowned for the wide variety of delicacies that are served in its cuisine. Every cuisine connoisseur’s taste buds will be tingled by the delicious and diverse famous food of Bihar.

The alluring famous food in Bihari cuisine has the ability to linger in your taste buds and sate your appetite with the flavors of the regional Bihari spices.

List of Bihar’s Famous Food :

  • Litti Chokha
  • Ghugni
  • Khaja
  • Thekua
  • Dal Peetha
  • Laai
  • Balushahi
  • Chandrakala
  • Sattu Sarbat
  • Malpua
  • Khurma
  • Reshmi mutton kebab
  • Naivedyam
  • Tilkut
  • Gur anarsa
  • Parwal ki mithai
  • Makhane ki kheer
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1. Bihar Famous Food – Litti Chokha

Bihar famous food Litti Chokha, which is dripping with ghee and fragrant spices, requires no introduction. It is a spectacular welcome to the state of Bihar. These are little balls of wheat and Sattu (fried gram flour) that are fried in ghee/oil to a spicy degree. The interior is juicy and delicious, with a crispy exterior. Another dish served with little made with mashed, boiled vegetables—most commonly potatoes, tomatoes, brinjal, etc.—is Chokha. As a complement, season the little with spices, onions, and garlic.

Bihar famous food and cuisine are characterized by Sattu (fried gramme flour). To make Sattu paratha, the Sattu is combined with spices, rolled in wheat dough balls, and baked with ghee.

2. Bihar Famous Food – Chana Ghugni

Chana Ghugni
This is homemade Bihar famous food Chana Ghugni’s image

  A spicy-tangy evening snack from Bihar food is called Chana Ghugni. This mouthwatering delicacy is made in practically every Bihar family and is both extremely popular and delicious. The ideal way to sate your hunger is with flattened rice called “Chuda ka Bhuja” and boiled black Chikpeas that have been cooked with onions and spices. There are various salty treats that are made using dried and flattened gramme.

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3. Bihar Famous Sweet – Khaja

Another delicious, sweet, and crunchy dessert from Bihar that is thought to be 2000 years old and quite comparable to Ottoman Empire Baklava is called Khaja. A dough is made by combining Mawa, sugar, and wheat flour. After that, the dough is rolled, folded several times, and deep-fried. This unusual Bihar treat has a wafer-like structure yet melts on the tongue. Belgrami is a different variation of the same dish that is made entirely with milk solids, a type of cheese, ghee, and a lot of sugar. It is a specialty from Udwantnagar, a town situated between Arrah and Buxar.

4. Bihar Famous Sweet – Thekua

Thekua is a traditional sweet from Bihar. It is prepared during Chhath Puja, a festival honoring the sun god (Surya Devta). It is also known as Khajuria. These are deep-fried whole-wheat cookies. The sweet aroma of fennel seeds and cardamom complements the caramel-molasses flavor of jaggery perfectly. This recipe yields a crispy and crunchy exterior with a soft interior, which is ideal for a cookie. Thekua has uneven cracked edges that make it both rustic and crunchy.

Thekua is one of Bihar famous food that is frequently cooked for celebrations and other special events in Bihar. Thekuas are prepared in a variety of sizes and forms. When you take the first mouthful of these, the flavors explode in your mouth because they are crispy. However, if you want to give the meal a new meaning, you can add alternative types of sugar.

5. Bihar Famous Food – Dal Peetha

The Bihari method of making dumplings is known as Dal Peetha. Another snack has arrived from the same region that gave us Litti Chokhas, Khaja, and Thekuas that must be tried. It consists of stuffing rice flour dumplings with lentil paste, spices, and pickles. Rice flour dough is kneaded and small dough balls are rolled. Each flour ball is stuffed with dal and spices before being steamed.

The lentil stuffing holds the key. To bite into a dumpling which could be either is one of the best surprises for everyone who truly loves good dishes. The steaming of these Pithas is simply amazing. One thing is certain at this point: the Bihar community has a wonderful awareness of how to balance flavor and nutrient content in the foods they eat. Because the dumpling is steamed, its method of preparation makes Dal Pithas one of the guilt-free appetizers to gorge on. Additionally, the dal filling is loaded with protein and other minerals.

Dal Puri is a Bihar famous similar food that is produced by combining various spices and rolling them into chapati-like shapes. Instead of dumplings, the stuffed flour balls are frequently rolled like flatbread and deep-fried. These are known as dal puri.

6. Bihar Famous Food – Laai

Bihar famous sweet (food) Laai, often referred to as puffed rice laddoo, is one of the most well-known Makar Sankranti treats that people from Bihar cook frequently. The meal is regarded as healthful because of its ingredients, which include jaggery, peanuts, ginger, and fennel seeds, which may keep us warm during the winter.

Laai is a crunchy spherical delicacy that is similar to a laddu. It is chopped into small balls and then deep-fried once more with jaggery syrup drizzled all over the fried cereals. To give the grains an even texture, they are very lightly fried. Rice that has been beaten or puffed makes up the cereal. The cereal can either be beaten rice (choora), puffed rice (muri), or Ram dana.

7. Bihar Famous Sweet – Balushahi

The Balushahi, a cuisine from Bihar, is a sweet, porous flour cup with a Khoya filling that contains a plethora of flavors, which resembles a doughnut with honey frosting and is made using baking soda, ghee, and sugar syrup. Slices of pista and almonds are sprinkled on top, and it has a little crumbly texture. Biharis adore pastries, and Balushahi has a similar appearance to a donut but with different flavors and components. When eating Balushahi, the khoya is ideal because the sweetness is mild. The khoya is also seasoned with spices like cardamom and cinnamon, with very little saffron added for flavor and aroma. After sealing, the porous flour balls are deep-fried till golden brown.

When you bite on one, you experience more than simply a sweet flavor. You can sense Bihar cuisine’s appreciation for its wonder. These delectable delicacies have a crispy exterior and an interior that is moist, delicate, and flaky. It is known as Balu because of the way its outer layer sparkles like sand. Shahi is a regal title. When put together, it implies “A Shahi dish with a texture similar to sand.”

8. Bihar Famous Sweet – Chandrakala / Suryakala

In Bihar, Chandrakala, a very classy and regal Indian treat, is typically prepared for Diwali and Holi. A delicacy from Bihar traditional cuisine called Chandrakala is enough to titillate your taste buds! It is somewhat comparable to the modest Gujiya, but richer in taste and appearance. Its spherical shape, in contrast to the Gujiya, gives rise to the name Chandrakala. The filling is a combination of dry fruits and Mava, and the outside covering is constructed of maida. After being fried, it is covered with sugar syrup. These are very special sweets made during the Holi festival, though they are also enjoyed during Diwali and other festivals.

Primarily a North Indian delicacy, it is relished across the country with different names and shapes. It is known as Chandrakala when formed as a half circle because it resembles the Chandra (Moon). It is known as Suryakala when made as a full circle because it resembles the Sun. The Chandrakala Mithai is filled with Mawa and dry fruits and has a nice flaky, crispy, and sweet exterior. Each bite of this unique Bihar famous food is wonderful since it is both crisp on the exterior and soft on the inside.

9. Bihar Famous Drink – Sattu Sharbat

Bihar famous food Sattu, the super dish of Bihar, is increasingly gaining appeal because it is inexpensive and packed with minerals. Chana Sattu, a protein-rich food. It is served as Chana Sharbat, a refreshing beverage perfect for the summer that instantly cools you down. It is a fantastic supper by itself and a tremendous energy booster. One of the healthiest Bihar famous food to eat in Bihar is chana, which is also a well-known dish. Every 100 grams of this superfood has 65 grams of carbohydrates and 20 grams of protein, and it is high in protein, fiber, calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium. Sattu is a staple food for people in Bihar that is incredibly potent and is prepared in Sharbats or filled in Littis.

This easy sharbat can treat any digestive issues, heartburn, and constipation. The combination of water, rock salt, and Sattu, which are rich in dietary fiber, creates the ideal beverage for promoting bowel motions. Due to its cleansing qualities, which aid in clearing out impurities, this simple sharbat can improve general immunity and increase metabolism. Additionally, the addition of lemon juice enhances the benefits of this beverage because lemon is high in antioxidants, which restore lost nutrients and lessen cell damage. Sattu sharbat aids in better digestion and weight loss.

10. Bihar Famous Sweet – Malpua

Another delectable Bihar famous food that requires no introduction is Malpua. Everyone visiting Bihar is familiar with this delightful treat.  Malpua is the dish most associated with Patna. The batter for Malpuas is made of milk, flour, sugar, and mashed bananas, and it is deep-fried in ghee to give it a crispy flavor. The Malpua is then completely covered with sugar syrup. It is an all-time favorite delicacy of Bihar because of its crispy crust and delicate center, which melt in the mouth. Rabri pairs best with Malpuas, making it like putting the icing on the cake.

11. Bihar Famous Sweet – Khurma

Another sweet snack from Bihar famous food and cuisine, khurma, is formed of flour, deep-fried in oil, and covered with sugar syrup. The sugar syrup crystallizes as it cools, giving the surface a powdery appearance. It is quite addicting! It resembles “Namakpara” in certain ways but without salt and spices. In fact, it is very similar to the well-known “Shakarpara”. Another variation known as Laktho can be made using dough made from rice flour and thick jaggery syrup. They are both quite delicious to eat.

12. Bihar Famous Food – Mutton kebab

Bihar is also well known for its decadent non-vegetarian treats. In Bihar, kebabs are the most famous non-vegetarian food and are known for their extremely juicy and mouthwatering lamb kebabs. Mild spices, meat fillets, and raw papaya soaked with mustard oil are all combined to make mutton kebabs in Bihar. Kebabs are so wonderful and decadent because of their softness and smokey flavor. The Bihar famous food mutton kebab from Patna has a lengthy and interesting history. You are drawn to Mahgu by the aroma coming from a modest shop in Kadamkua; his great-grandfather worked as a chef in the British court. Magu’s Mutton Kebabs are a delightful miracle to your taste buds. Heading towards Rajendra Nagar in Patna, Richie Rich’s delicate Reshmi Kebabs are a tough competition to Lucknow’s Galauti Kebabs.


13. Bihar Famous Sweet – Naivedyam

Bihar well-known tourist destination, the Hanuman Mandir near Patna Railway Station, is also well-known for its “Naivedyam” Prasad. Besan, or gram flour, is combined with sugar, cashews, raisins, green cardamoms, Kashmiri saffron, and other flavorings before being fried in ghee and formed into balls. It is a special Prasad that is only offered at Hanuman Mandir. Rolling tiny balls into the shape of a spherical laddoo occurs when the mixture becomes sticky. Naivedyams are unbelievably delicious and melt in your mouth.

14. Bihar Famous Sweet – Tilkut

 This deliciously nutritious dish from Bihar has confirmed that our predecessors knew just how to mix taste and nutrition in these excellent recipes, according to the state’s rich heritage. Tilkut is a soft, delicate, rounded light Bihar famous sweet vegetarian food that is readily available in Gaya, the city where this delectable food was first created. A nutritious treat called the Famous food of Bihar Tilkut is made with pounded sesame seeds and jaggery.

Tilkut is only enjoyable in the winter because sesame seeds have fibers that produce heat. Due to the utilization of both of the primary ingredients in the preparation of this delicious delicacy, this winter savory has several health advantages. During Makar Sankranti, you may find Tilkut in every candy shop in Bihar. It is prepared by rolling a sugar foundation into a ball and then filling it with a large number of crushed sesame seeds.

The hard job of shaping them into biscuit-like forms occurs once they have been heated to the proper temperature and combined with the proper amounts of jaggery.  Sesame seeds, which are high in natural oils, vitamins, and minerals, are the main component of this dish. They also contain organic substances such as calcium, tryptophan, iron, fiber, copper, etc. As one of the essential components of protein, tryptophan is known to strengthen skin, hair, and muscle tissues while also accelerating metabolism. Additionally rich in fiber, sesame seeds support digestion.

15. Bihar Famous Food – Gur anarsa

 This lovely Bihari delicacy, which is served year-round, is made with rice flour and jaggery. The proper shade of red is then achieved by frying it with sesame seeds on top over medium heat. The majority of the time, this dish is prepared for holidays like Holi and Diwali. In an effort to give these anarsas a more plush inside, some individuals also add a banana to the dough.

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16. Bihar Famous Sweet – Parwal ki mithai

Biharis certainly appear to enjoy sweets. They even transformed a simple vegetable-like Parwal into a sweet dish that was reminiscent of Bihar cuisine. Bihari food is primarily vegetarian, because traditional Bihari society, which is influenced by Buddhist and Hindu beliefs of non-violence, abstains from eating eggs, poultry, fish, and other animal products. Because Bihar has so many rivers, there is also a group of people that enjoy meat and fish meals. One of the most amazing aspects of this cuisine is smoked food. Parwal ki Mithai is one of the numerous magnificent secret dishes from Bihar that has become renowned due to its lack of nutritious content but delicious taste. Parwal ki Mithai is a delicious and nutritious dessert made with Parwal and khoya. The Parwal’s inside pulp is removed, boiled, covered in syrup, and filled with prepared sweet khoya before being garnished with almonds and cherries.

17. Bihar Famous Sweet – Makhane ki kheer

Bihar has provided us with another nutritious option for satisfying our sweet cravings while yet keeping nutrition in mind. Kheer Makhana, a delicacy made with milk and fox nuts (makhana), is praised for having a lot of fiber, protein, and other nutrients all in one serving. The Makhana can be served as Kheer or eaten on its own by baking it in a pan. Making Kheer is comparable to making it normally, however, because Makhana is added, the Kheer is less sweet. Dry fruits are added to the kheer as a garnish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bihar Famous Food

Q. What is the famous Bihari meat?

Ans:- In Bihar, there is Champaran meat is the most famous. Now these days you will get everywhere in India. It is one of the famous food in Bihar

Q. Why Litti Chokha is famous in Bihar?

Ans:- In Bihar, Litti Chokha considers a traditional food, as well as It, is available everywhere at the lowest price and It is food Healthy as well.

Q. What is Bihar National Food?

Ans:- Litti Chokha is a very popular Bihar food, Not only is Bihar famous globally. Litti Chokha is Bihar pride.

Q. What is the Famous Food In Bihar?

Ans:- In Bihar, There is numerous famous food, Like –

  1. Litti Chokha
  2. Ghugni
  3. Khaja
  4. Thekua
  5. Dal Peetha
  6. Laai
  7. Balushahi
  8. Chandrakala
  9. Sattu Sarbat
  10. Malpua
  11. Khurma
  12. Reshmi mutton kebab
  13. Naivedyam
  14. Tilkut
  15. Gur anarsa
  16. Parwal ki mithai
  17. Makhane ki kheer


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