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Top 20 Gujarati famous food

Let’s know more about Gujarati’s famous food, Gujarat, a state on India’s west coast, is home to several distinct areas, each of which has its own culinary specialties or cooking techniques. Many of us only think about Gujarat when we’re craving dhokla, khakhra, or the mouthwatering Gujarati Thali. But Gujarati famous food is more complex than that. Four important regions of Gujarat—North Gujarat, Kacch, Kathiyawad, and Surti Gujarat—each contribute something distinctive to Gujarati food. Gujarat is one of the Indian states that is well-known and well-loved for its food. Gujarati people enjoy eating a variety of foods and sampling new cuisine. According to a common belief, if you are from Gujarat but just do not enjoy eating, you do not truly belong to Gujarat. Gujarati cuisine is distinctive because it is pleasant, just like the people, and has sugar in some form in every dish. Both the night market and the meals that can be eaten at any time are varied in kind. Gujarat’s capital city of Ahmadabad is highly known for its cuisine, and its citizens enjoy dining whenever they want. Let’s look at some of Gujarat’s well-known dishes.


Here are the lists of some of Gujarat’s well-known dishes:

  • Khaman Dhokla
  • Thepla
  • Ghari
  • Khandvi
  • Gathiya
  • Undhiyu
  • Mohanthal
  • Muthiya
  • Dabeli
  • Doodhpak
  • Handvo
  • Fafda-Jalebi
  • Khakhra
  • Lilva Kachori
  • Sev Tameta nu Shak
  • Gujarati Kadhi
  • Khichu
  • Gota
  • Dal Dhokli
  • MurghanuShaak
  • Patra

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