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Read about Thepla Famous Food Gujarat

Thepla is a fenugreek leaf-studded flatbread made of wholemeal wheat flour and spices that are frequently consumed for breakfast or as a snack in the late afternoon. Without this common snack, no Gujarati excursion, picnic, international trip, or even work trip is complete.

They make filling dinners when served steaming hot with fresh curd, pickles, or Chundo. They also make an excellent monsoon snack or a gourmet breakfast when served with a cup of hot tea.

Although methi (fenugreek) Theplas are the most popular, other types, particularly advised for picky eaters, include palak (spinach), amaranth, or muli (radish).

Thepla is a gourmet snack that is recommended for eating when relaxing, on vacation with the family, or even while going camping.

It can be made in a manner that is somewhat similar to how roti is made. That is filling and delicious, and you can eat this by itself or with Bateta nu Shaak (dry potato curry), curd, and pickled raw mango. That is reliable and safe to consume at any meal of the day.

It enhances the flavor of everything when you use the pickles you enjoy eating.

Even though whole wheat already has a lot of fiber and B-complex vitamins, the fenugreek leaves improve the nutritional value even more. All around the state, supermarket stores sell Theplas that are ready to eat.


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