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Khandvi Famous food of Gujarat

Khandvi is made up of thin layers of gramme flour rolled up in mushy goodness that has been cooked with buttermilk and seasoned with a few other spices and sautéed sesame seeds. It is a well-liked snack among Gujaratis. It is simply impossible to resist because to the flavorful but straightforward garnish of curry leaves, coriander, cumin, mustard, and coconut No one can dispute the fact that this meal, while universally adored, maybe a little challenging to prepare, particularly when it comes to getting the batter’s consistency just perfect.

Khandvi can be a delicious evening snack or a fantastic breakfast dish because it is light on the stomach and agreeable to the mouth. If you pass on these floppy folded tiers of gramme flour fried with ghee, you might be missing out on one of Gujarati cuisine’s greatest flavours. It has a savoury flavour and is suitable for snacking or serving as an appetiser. It is garnished with coriander leaves and grated coconut to enhance the flavour and is served with a side of garlic sauce.



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