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Gathiya Famous food of Gujarat

Gujarati teatime snack is called gathiya. The main ingredient is besan or gramme flour. It is similar to a thicker sev, although there are some noticeable variations. SpicyGathiya and Normal Gathiya are the two common varieties. The spices added in the dough are what make the distinction. The standard version contains carom seeds, salt, turmeric, soda bicarbonate, and a tiny bit of oil. The dough is then shaped into strands and forced into a mould before being dropped directly into the hot oil for deep frying. The final product is somewhat mushy rather than crunchy. Definitely a must-try!. With deep-fried chillies, pickles, and tea, the crispy Gujarati snack pairs perfectly. There are options for making it hotter or blander by adding extra spices and chiles. As a component of chivdas and mixes, it is also an option. Gujarati’s also made Gathiyassabji.

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