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Treat Heart Pain by some Home Remedies

Heart Pain

Heart pain/ Chest pain can be a reason for gas, acidity, or any particular problem related to heart muscle blood flow, etc., leading to a heart attack. Treat it with some Heart pain remedies.

Symptoms –

  1. Gas
  2. Acid reflux
  3. Bad cough
  4. Heart-burning sensation

In case of serious heart pain problem following symptoms can appear –

  1. Dizziness and weakness.
  2. Breathing pain and coughing.
  3. Panic and anxiety.

Major causes of heart pain –

  1. Heart attack
  2. Angina pectoris – in which blood vessels are blocked and angiography is required for treatment.
  3. Myocarditis – it occurs when the heart muscle gets inflamed.
  4. Aortic dissection 
  5. Bronchitis
  6. Pneumonia
  7. Pleuritis
  8. Pneumothorax – leakage of air from the lungs.
  9. Pulmonary embolism – a blood clot
  10. Bronchospasm- it occurs in asthma due to blockage of the air passage.
  11. Injured or broken ribs
  12. Pain syndrome
  13. Fracture 
  14. Other medical conditions 

Home remedies –

  • Cold packChest pain can occur due to muscle strain so cold packs can then relieve the pain.
  • Hot drinksGas can also cause heart pain. In this case, hot drinks act as a vasodilator and increase the blood flow. Eg. hibiscus tea.
  • Baking sodaIt can neutralize the acid and subdue the cause of chest pain.
  • Garlic- Heart pain remedies include garlic which helps to prevent the formation of plaques in arteries thereby preventing heart pain.
  • Apple cider vinegarIt contains acetic acid. When acid is not produced it can lead to chest pain and there apple cider vinegar releases acid and helps in food digestion.
  • Lie downIf heart pain is massive lie down with your head up and chew a tablet of aspirin for relaxation.
  • GingerIt controls cholesterol and reduces triglyceride to ease our heart pain.

Other Home Remedies to treat Heart Pain

  • Turmeric milkIt helps to increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol which ultimately minimizes the risk of heart pain.
  • Omega 3- Omega 3 rich food helps to maintain blood pressure. Also, keep a check in case of arrhythmia and atherosclerosis. Eg- fish.
  • Pomegranate juiceIt helps in maintaining LDL/ bad cholesterol.
  • CapsicumIt helps in food digestion and reduces the chances of metabolic syndrome. It also prevents any sort of heart muscle thickening.
  • Holy basil– Tulsi prevents stress which sometimes can affect cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • VitaminsIntake of vitamin supplements helps to prevent any type of heart-related problem.
  • AlmondsIt is known as a super fruit for the heart. It helps in fighting the free radicals. It prevents the burning sensation if it persists.

How to make your heart strong –

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Avoid fatty oily food.
  3. Stress control
  4. Avoiding smoking and alcohol
  5. Regular medical checkup
  6. Take good care of cholesterol and triglycerides.

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Consult a doctor in case of relapsing heart pain symptoms. Heart pain can be very critical and must be taken care of to avoid the risk of life.

Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh is a pharmacist. She received her Master’s degree in Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy) from Sardar Bhagwan Singh University, Dehradun. She earned her Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Research, Dehradun. She has done her research work on "Characterization of Herbo-metallic formulation and evaluation of its anti-cancer potential". Ankita has a passion for educating and motivating within the health care and the use of herbal plants in various diseases. Through her work she ensures that her information is current, accurate and trustworthy.


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