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Top 5 Gujarati Famous Food

Gujarati famous food, known as


The dough that was originally intended to be used to make the delectable Khichiyapapads turned into a delectable delicacy in and of itself. Gujarati famous food Khichu is a dough created from rice flour combined with boiling water along with green chillies, cumin seeds, and sesame seeds, then baked in steam and seasoned with groundnut oil during the Navratri season. Despite the fact that rice flour is the most common ingredient used, other alternatives include wheat flour, Nachani (ragi) flour, Bajri flour, and Jowar flour. Because of its cosy, oozy texture, which both kids and adults adore, it makes a fantastic evening snack during the cold weather.


Gujarat is no different from other Indian states in having its own variation of golden, crispy, and delicious Pakodas (fritters). Children and adults both enjoy Gujarati food. Gujarat’s unique Pakoda dish, Gota, is created with gramme flour and fenugreek leaves. Methipakoda will be enjoyable if you enjoy Methithepla. Gota is a traditional Gujarati meal and a unique treat during Holi. It comes from the Gujarati village of Dakor. It also makes for a nice evening snack, especially when it is raining outside, it is simple, quick, and has a smooth texture.

This meal is quite flavorful because the crispy and crunchy Pakoda has a distinctive salty, spicy, and sweet flavour. To counteract the other flavours in the dish, methi leaves add a little bitter flavour. Best enjoyed with ketchup or a date- and tamarind-based sweet-and-sour chutney.

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Dal Dhokli

A classic  Gujarati dish for a one-pot dinner made using Toor dal and bread. Dhokli is simply thick wheat flour noodles, and dal is lentil stew. They are both cooked together and then topped with clarified butter and served warm. The dal used in this recipe for dal Dhokli is the same as Khattimeethi dal from Gujarat, while wheat flour, is used to make dhokli. Atta and a few spices are used to make the dough. After then, it was sliced into diamond-shaped rolls that were thin. After that, it was put to the simmering dal and cooked until it was mushy and no longer raw. It can be consumed at any time of day and has a sweet, tangy, and spicy flavour. Also very healthful, this one-pot meal.

Murghanu Shaak

Murghanu Shak is a special cuisine from Gujarat that honours the flavours of the drumstick, potatoes, and Gujarati masala in this sweet, sour, and acidic chicken dish. Murghanu Shaak, also known as Gujarati Chicken Curry. A delicious sauce made of onions, garlic, ginger, chilli powder, garam masala, and any additional vegetables you choose to use is used to cook the chicken after it has been marinated in a mixture of oil, yoghurt, and spices. It is a one-pot dish that can be made entirely in a pressure cooker.

Gujarat has a vast stretch of coastline along the Arabian Sea, which results in an abundance of seafood, yet historically because of the state’s close ties to Jainism, many Gujaratis practise vegetarianism. However, Gujaratis can prepare non-vegetarian cuisine just as deftly as any other non-vegetarian-loving group.


Patra is a dish made of rolled colocasia leaves filled with gramme batter, tamarind pulp, and other spices. Sesame seeds and coconut are used to season them as they are steaming. Patra combines flavours of sweetness, heat, and salt. An excellent Gujarati patrafarsan is created here by stuffing delectable and nutrient-rich Colocasia leaves with a spicy combination. Patra’s basic ingredients include Colocasia leaves, besan, jaggery, a paste made from green chillies, and Indian spices. Patras can be steamed or shallow fried, but deep frying brings out the greatest flavour. When preparing patra, keep in mind two crucial success factors: roll them tightly and don’t forget the tempering! Colocasia leaves are delicious and incredibly nourishing. Patra’s nutritional value—colocasia leaves are high in iron and vitamin A—has something to do with the prominence that this starter or snack enjoys.

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