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Famous Korean Fried Chicken | recipe

Korean Fried Chicken

Fried chicken, Would you like some very addictive homemade Korean sweet chili sauce on top of some incredibly crunchy chicken? Then Continue reading. 

Korean fried chicken is ideal for any occasion, and I’m confident everyone will adore it immediately. With this simple, one-hour recipe, you can prepare authentic Korean fried chicken at home. It’s frequently paired with beer I’m not sure why, but they certainly go well. “Chimaek” is a Korean word that combines the words for chicken and beer.

Korean chicken wings are an excellent party dish that will surprise your friends and family. They also make a perfect appetizer or snack for game night.


  • What is Korean Fried Chicken?
  • How It is different from American Fried Chicken?
  •  Recipe
  • What to serve with?
  • How to reheat?


What is Korean Fried Chicken?

There are various types of yangnyeom chicken in Korea, but this fiery version may be the most well-known. This chicken has been fried “Korean style.” It is available everywhere in the globe, but it stands out for having a more delicate coating and incorporating unusual flavors such as sweet chili (Yangnyeom), Gochujang (chili sauce), and soy sauce (Ganjang). The chicken is covered with a sweet and sour sauce before being double-fried in vegetable oil. Double deep frying the chicken wings is the secret to the best Korean fried chicken; They have gained notoriety throughout the world for their enticing, crunchy texture and a gochujang sauce that is rich, sweet, and sour. Because of this, the meat is extremely moist on the inside, while the lightly battered skin is crisp and barely greasy. 

Korean chicken wings are frequently confused with another meal, the Dakgangjeong, which are chicken nuggets in Korea. Dakgangjeong is made from boneless chicken thigh pieces that are coated in a sticky sauce and resemble chicken nuggets. 

How It is different from American Fried Chicken?

The skin of Korean fried chicken is often thin, almost paper-like, and not excessively battered, in contrast to American fried chicken, which is typically brined and dredged in a flour and buttermilk mixture.

It prepared in the Korean manner is vastly different from other styles because it uses an Asian frying method that renders off the skin’s fat, leaving behind a thin, crackly, and nearly translucent crust.

The cornflour batter-coated chicken party wings (also known as drumettes) are deep-fried to a deep, golden-brown crispness. They are then covered in a thick handmade gochujang sauce that has a tang and a faint hint of fire.


Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Ingredients:

Chicken wings




Salt & pepper

Rice wine

Baking powder

Sesame oil

Sesame seeds

Spring onions

Cashew nuts

Sauce for Korean Fried Chicken

Gochujang(Korean chilli paste)




Soy sauce



Rice vinegar

Corn syrup

Strawberry jam


Step1: Marinate the chicken

Put some chicken wings into a large mixing bowl, then add eggs, cornstarch, rice wine, ginger, salt & pepper. Mix it well to coat properly, then keep aside for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Fry the Chicken

Over low heat, heat oil in a pan. Fry the chicken wings and shake off any excess cornflour coating. Deep-fry for 2-3 minutes.

The chicken will fry gently and the oil shouldn’t be too hot. The temperature should be lowered if the oil bubbles ferociously.

When the first batch of deep frying is complete then increase the heat to medium. Again place the chicken into the hot oil, and fry for 1-2 minutes, or until the coating turns a deep golden brown.

If it starts to brown too rapidly, lower the heat. Place the chicken on a wire rack after shaking off any extra oil and allowing it to drip off naturally.

Step 3: Prepare the Korean Fried Chicken sauce

To make the sauce for It, firstly, take a saucepan and put all the sauce ingredients (listed above) in it. Mix it well and over medium heat, cook the sauce until it bubbles and slightly thickens, about two to three minutes. Stir occasionally.

Step 4: Coating

Add the Chicken into the sauce and coat them well. Garnish it with some spring onions, cashew nuts, and sesame seeds. It is ready to serve. Serve it hot.


Small batches should be used for the deep frying to avoid overcrowding the pan. If you cook too much meat at once, the oil’s temperature will drop and the meat won’t cook evenly. To keep the oil clean for the following batch, use a small fat strainer to skim off any floating debris once each batch is finished.


What to Serve with it?

Korean Fried Chicken serves best with beer. But, there are many other dishes that go well with It like;

  • Korean fried rice: If you enjoy things a little spicy, Korean fried rice is the best alternative to go with Korean fried chicken! It contains bacon, snow peas, ginger, and the crucial secret ingredient, gochujang, a hot condiment made of fermented red chilies that are frequently used in Korean cooking.   
  • Stir fry noodles: It’s a good choice for what to serve with Korean fried chicken because it adds a diversity of textures to the table and guarantees that your vegetables are getting a good amount of vitamins and minerals.
    • Spicy Cucumber Salad: A hot, tangy, fresh, and lively salad side dish pairs incredibly well with the richness of Korean fried chicken. For this reason, I advise trying a spicy cucumber salad. The combination of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, chili, and a little sugar results in a dish that is cool yet hot and looks stunning when served in a bowl.
  • Korean braised potatoes: With only a few ingredients and a half-hour of cooking time, Korean braised potatoes make a great side dish for Korean fried chicken. Even while this recipe’s basic form only calls for potatoes, you can add a number of other vegetables like adding chopped peppers, spring onions, garlic, mushrooms, and many more for more crunch. 
  • Korean garlic bread
  • Boiled sticky rice

How to reheat?

Put it in the oven or air fryer to reheat it. It will reheat in the oven in about 15 minutes or in the air fryer in about 10 minutes.

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