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Dabeli and Doodhpak Famous Gujarati Food

dabeli recipe
dabeli masala | kacchi dabeli

Gujarati famous food Dabeli

Dabeli is a portable food that originated in Gujarat’s Kutch region. It is a type of fast food. The term “Dabeli” means “pressed.”Other names for Dabeli are Kutchidabeli and Kacchidabeli. Dabeli consists mostly of a spicy, tangy, and sweet potato mixture within an Indian-style bun that has been topped with pomegranate, grapes, onions, and Sev (fried gramme flour vermicelli). This filling of potatoes is sandwiched between two pieces of bread and fried on a Tawa with some oil. The Dabeli is then made by pressing and flattening the buns to give it its name. It is a quick food item that is fairly crispy, savory, and flavorful.


doodh pak recipe

Gujarati famous food Doodhpak

Doodhpak is a typical sweet dish from Gujarat. It is renowned for having mouthwatering flavors and textures.

It is commonly prepared with rice, milk, and sugar and topped with a variety of items, such as dried fruits, saffron, and cardamom.

It is a well-liked dessert that is served with puri at Gujarati thalis. To create this lovely, rich texture and bring out the flavors, the milk is boiled and thickened with rice and sugar. They taste even better because of the gentle almond paste’s coarseness and the delicate saffron undertone.



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