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Handvo and Fafda-Jalebi Gujarat famous food

gujarat famous food handvo
Gujarat famous food

Gujarati famous food Handvo

There are many delectable savory dishes in Gujarati cuisine that are perfect for a snack or light supper. One such fermented food is Handvo, which is made with rice, a variety of lentils, and a large number of vegetables, including bottle gourd, carrots, fresh herbs, and greens. seasoned with mustard, cumin, sesame seeds, ginger, and green chilies for heat. The way that Handvo is fermented and tempered is similar to that of dhokla, but the ingredients and cooking methods are different. Handvo can be prepared in the oven as a savory cake or on the stovetop as a pancake.

The sesame seed flavor makes them just tempting. If you enjoy dessert but don’t want to gain weight, Handvo is your best option. The Handvo tastes best when paired with peppermint pickle, a staple of Gujarati cuisine.


Gujarat famous food Fafda-Jalebi
Gujarat famous food

Gujarati famous food Fafda-Jalebi 

This traditionally prepared sweet-salty breakfast dish is a Gujarati street food favorite and is served during Dussera. Fafda is a crunchy snack made of fried chickpea flour, while Jalebi is a sweet deep-fried pretzel made of wheat flour and coated in sugar. They go well together and make a perfect pair. Your taste receptors will explode in glory if you pair this dish with fried chili or a whirl of dry papaya chutney. In Gujarat, particularly in Ahmedabad, there is a store selling these on almost every corner. For a lavish breakfast of this divine pair on Sundays, there are long lines outside Farsan stores. Gram flour is used to make the Fafda. It has a flat shape, is crunchy to the touch, and tastes salty.

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