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Benefits of Bamboo

About Bamboo

One of the most useful and multipurpose forest tree grasses is bamboo. It is a member of the Poaceae family. Although there are more than 1250 different species of bamboo. They are most common in Southeast Asia. Bamboo is one of the most economically significant plants in the world. Bamboo shoots have more than 1500 uses. There are various benefits of Bamboo shoots including in the production of paper, handicrafts, houses, furniture, water pipes, storage containers, and other essential household items.

Because bamboos serve so many various purposes, people from different nations refer to them by different names. Along with using the culms as a building material. Its leaves were previously used in Asian countries as a method of protecting food from deterioration. Traditional medicine in this area mentions the health benefits of bamboo shoots as a treatment for hypertension, aortic stenosis, cardiovascular illness, and a few types of cancer. Their ability to act as antioxidants most likely mediates these therapeutic benefits.

Traditional Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoots

The Vietnamese commonly referred to bamboo as “My brother”. The Chinese are referred to them as “Friends of the People,” and Indians as “Green Gold.” A significant benefit of bamboo shoots, is the use of their young shoots as delectable foods. The bamboo shoot is one of the most well-known nutrient-rich food products due to its high protein, amino acid, mineral, fiber, carbohydrate, and low-fat content. Additionally, phytosterols present in new shoots give athletic energy and longevity. Popular throughout Asia, bamboo shoots are a significant part of regional cuisines.

Bamboo shoots are mostly consumed as food in the Northeastern states of India, where they are commonly consumed either fresh during the harvest season or in dried, fermented, or pickled forms during the offseason. The current research examines the nutritional qualities and health advantages of bamboo shoots. As well as the requirement for appropriate processing techniques to produce consumable bamboo products that are non-toxic. As well as the use of bamboo shoots as traditional meals in Northeast India, as well as the potential and prospects of the bamboo shot industry in the area.


These plants belong to the vast Bambusoideae subfamily of grasses (Poaceae), which has over 1662 species spread across 121 genera. Bamboos come in a wide variety of functional forms that are frequently present in many biogeographic areas, including dwarf herbaceous species in temperate temperatures and enormous tropical woody species that can grow up to 20 m tall. These species, which naturally exist on all continents except Europe, can adapt and spread in harsh conditions like humid and frigid mountain summits as well as those that are dry and warm. In the diversity of South American forests, bamboos are significant. In the New World, Brazil is the nation with the most native bamboo species.

Chemical Composition that shows the health benefits of Bamboo shoots

Silica, cholin, betaine, cyanogenic glycosides, albuminoids, oxalic acid, reducing sugar, resins, waxes, arginine, cysteine, histidine, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, protein, gluteline, lysine, methionine, a proteolytic enzyme, nuclease, and urease are all present in the various parts of this plant. The silicious component discovered inside the bud joint is crystalline in appearance, tasting sweet and tasting somewhat sticky on the tongue, like white camphor. Additionally, oxalic acid, reducing sugar, resins, waxes, and benzoic acid are among the active ingredients found in shoots.

Arginine, cysteine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylamine, threonine, valine, tyrosine, riboflavin, and thiamine are all present in seeds. Similar to this, the majority of the nutrients in leaves include proteins, gluteline, lysine, methionine, betaine, cholin, and proteolytic enzymes like nuclease and urease. Additionally, bamboo shoot-based diets are high in dietary fiber and phytosterols and low in cholesterol, making them a popular natural health food.

What are the Health Benefits of Bamboo?

Part 1- Health benefits of bamboo shoots

  • Promotes weight loss: Due to their extremely low-calorie content and high fiber content, which makes you feel fuller for a longer period, bamboo shoots are a great snack for people trying to lose weight. Eating a lot of dietary fiber increases weight reduction. Also decreases abdominal fat without requiring other lifestyle changes. Bamboo shoots were frequently demonstrated in one laboratory investigation to support intestinal health, which provided a defense against weight gain.
  • Promotes heart health: Because of their high phytosterol content, bamboo shoots are excellent for reducing dangerous LDL or bad cholesterol. This enhances blood flow and advances general cardiovascular health.
  • Immune system booster: Our bodies’ natural defense against infection is the immune system. It comprises cells that cooperate to recognize and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other creatures that might be harmful to us. In numerous studies, bamboo has been scientifically demonstrated to strengthen the immune system. According to studies, bamboo can strengthen the immune system as a whole and help prevent allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. A bamboo shoot decoction, which is generally prepared by boiling the shoots and adding honey to the liquid, is frequently used to treat respiratory problems.

Part 2- Health benefits of bamboo shoots

  • Controls the level of blood sugar: There are many benefits of bamboo shoots more than just food. They can also aid in blood sugar control and diabetes prevention. They give a delayed release of sugar into the bloodstream and have a low glycemic index. The bamboo shoot’s ability to tolerate glucose also enables it to support your body in maintaining insulin sensitivity. As a result, your body can use insulin to lower blood sugar levels more successfully.
  • Anti-inflammatory property: The human body experiences inflammation when it goes through physical stress. It helps you recover from injuries more quickly and keeps your immune system functioning normally. However, inflammation is something you want to get rid of as soon as you can because, if untreated, it can lead to serious health issues. Vitamin C, manganese, and magnesium are just a few of the vitamins and minerals that are abundant in bamboo shoots. They can support a stronger immune system and lessen bodily inflammation. For more flavor and anti-inflammatory benefits, try incorporating them into your lunchtime salad or a morning smoothie.
  • Anticancer property: Benefits of bamboo shows an anticancer property. Due to the presence of isoflavones, bamboo shoots have been scientifically proven to be useful in preventing cancer. Carcinogens are generally bound and neutralized by these substances. Additionally, they contain high levels of quercetin. A potent antioxidant that fights cancer by preventing the growth of cancer cells in many malignancies, including prostate, cervical, and lung cancer.
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