Chowmein A Famous Chinese Food

– Which Noodles are best to make Chowmein? – What is the difference between Chowmein & Noodles? – What distinguishes Chowmein from lo mein?

– Vegetable chowmein – Egg chowmein – Chicken chowmein – Shrimp chowmein

Noodles are used to make the dish chow-mein, However, they are actually a type of cuisine made from dough.

Chow mein is prepared in a variety of ways with numerous variants in various locations. Here is the recipe of Chowmein.

Noodles, oil, water, salt, pepper, veggies like; cabbage, capsicum, onions, carrots, mushrooms or (as per the choice & availability), soy sauce, chili powder, ginger, garlic, vinegar, chili sauce.