Bibim Naengmyeon

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It is a popular cold Korean noodle meal that includes long, thin noodles, cucumbers, slices of Korean pear, slices of beef, and a hard-boiled egg.

Bibim Naengmyeon (Spicy cold noodles), are the ideal remedy for the summertime heat! It is chilly, hot, sweet, and sour. One dish contains all of your needs!

According to the preparation method, naengmyeon meals can be divided into two primary categories: – Mul Naengmyeon – Bibim Naengmyeon

Cold noodles come in a wide range of flavours, including Naengmyeon, Kong Guksu, Bibim Guksu, and Jaengban Guksu, to mention a few.

Ingredients: Naengmyeon noodles, egg, cucumber

For quick pickled radish: Radish, salt, sugar, vinegar

For Sauce: Onions, ginger, garlic, Pineapp, apple, honey, brown sugar, soy sauce, chilli flakes, Korean mustard, Sesame oil.